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If you are going to be visiting the areas of Fort Myers or Cape Coral on the Boca Coast in Florida, you should know that this is the ultimate location for fly fishing for small sharks. Many people love to seek out these toothy predators as a way to take an otherwise slow day and turn it into something that is adventurous and memorable. All you have to do is start in on the planning, get ready for chumming the waters, and you will be in for a world of incredible fishing.

Florida is a region that is well known for shark fishing, especially all around the Boca Coast. On a yearly basis, there are millions of sharks that will migrate to this area by way of the Gulf Stream Current. What this does is bring them extremely close to the coast, which is why so many lucky fishing enthusiasts can catch sharks even while fly fishing inshore waterways. If you choose to embark on your adventure by booking a charter with us, you will have the ability to target these wonderful fish without having to travel all that far.

The waters of the Cape Coral and Fort Myers areas are teeming with sharks in all different varieties, making it the opportune location for chumming to snag up the best catch of the day. With the most common varieties being caught including mako sharks, hammerhead sharks, and bull sharks, you are never going to be in for a dull moment.

The Black Tip Shark

Pound for pound, the black tip shark has the most fight in them. This shark is fun to catch on light tackle. In shallow waters, the fight is highlighted by crazy jumps and long, hard runs. This shark is plentiful in the area and catching one will make for an exhilarating experience.

The Hammerhead Shark

These are sharks known for their distinctively shaped heads that give them their unique name. You will often find them feeding on the ocean floor, and during the daytime hours, they will congregate in schools. With the right fishing charter to get you where you need to go to find them, you will have the ability to bring in hammerheads that could way a couple hundred pounds or more.

The Bull Shark

Many people have had encounters with the bull shark simply because this is a species known for enjoying shallow waters where they can search for prey. They have gained their bad reputation due to being so aggressive, and they can easily survive in both fresh and saltwater. You will usually find the bull shark making their way through ocean inlets, canals and heading inshore on rivers. These are sharks that are extremely territorial, solitary hunters and well known to exceed more than a ton whenever they reach maturity. However, when you are out on your fishing excursion, the chances are good that you will be bringing them in at around a few hundred pounds.

Have you always been wanting to head out on a fly fishing adventure where you can try your hand at catching some of the most famous shark species in the world? The Boca Coast is just perfect for chumming the waters to see what you can reel in for an impressive catch. Whether you are looking to charter a boat to fish for sharks with a friend or you want to go it alone so you can learn all the tricks yourself, this is the kind of adventure that you will never forget.