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There are different types of redfish namely red drum, channel bass, spot tail bass, and bass. These kinds of fish are characterized by their white undersides and spots on the tailed fin. They do not have any chin barbels that distinguishes them from the black drum. Bull Redfish can live for more than thirty years and are very heavy. Most redfish weigh between one and ten pounds. Some of the larger ones can weigh more than thirty pounds. The record in Florida is 52 pounds. Do not be surprised when you find fifty-pound redfish.

Redfish are good for the game because of their strength and stamina. Redfish do not have very good taste when they are fresh. It is best to keep them. The adults spawn offshore. They can be found in open water in large numbers. They can be found in the surf, on shallow flats, and deep passes. This includes areas such as Matlacha, Sanibel Island, and Estero Bay. Redfish are abundant in these areas all year round. You can be assured that you will get some good catches regardless of the time of the year that you head there.

They feed on crabs, shrimp, and mullet. Using any of these as bait will help you to catch more. The small blue crab, the live finger mullet, and the live jumbo shrimp are some of the most effective. Dead bait also works if it is cut well. Anglers who opt for fly fishing will find that large streamers lure the most fish. The size of the bait determines the size of the redfish that you will catch.

Water Depth
The depth of the water will also determine the types of live bait that you should use. You should use minnows and live shrimp when angling in shallow coasts because of their size. Smaller rods and lighter lines can be used because there are no obstructions. You can catch fish that weigh more than ten pounds with smaller gear. An example of a place where you can try this out is the Caloosahatchee River.

You will catch more fish if you use baitfish such as mullet and live pinfish in deeper water. You should use heavier gear because it is easy for the fish to break lighter lines. The 20-30 lb Gear is preferable to counter the resistance of the fish when they are hooked. Some of the fishing systems that can be used to catch redfish include casting, drifting, and fishing. All kinds of casting tackle are allowed and are effective.

Time of the day
The best time to get these is early in the morning or when the sun is going down. The lures should be placed on top of the water so that the fish come up. This makes it easy to bring them in. This also means that you should suspend and colorful lures that you can see. You should use lures that look like shrimp or bait fish during the middle of the day. Jerk baits and Gulp Alive Shrimp are examples of lures that pique the curiosity of the redfish during the day. A gold spoon is very effective because it is strong and hard and will hook the fish firmly.

You should try and understand the tides if you are looking to catch more reds. You can also vary your technique between sight-fishing and blind-casting to see the one that works best in your area. There are several regulations for fishing these types of fish in Florida. Every person is limited to only one fish per day. Large fish are protected. You are not permitted to eat them.