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We cover the entire southern portion of the Boca Coast from Matlacha down to Big Hickory Island.

Covering Sanibel Island and Estero Bay, we specialize in fly fishing and light tackle.

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Spotted Sea Trout

The state record was caught right here in Ft. Peirce. Let’s go see if we can beat 17 lbs 7 oz.

Tarpon fish


The most noted population of Atlantic Tarpon is right here in the Boca Grande Pass. When you catch one, it’s a fun fight!

Snook Fish


The entire Fort Myers area, including the Caloosahatchee River, Pine Island Sound, and the islands of Sanibel and Captiva, is a great area for trophies. The current state-record fish was caught here, weighing 44 pounds, 3 ounces

Red Drum

Florida’s most popular sportfish, red drum is widespread. Great fish for sight fishing.


It may be difficult to clean, but it is quite tasty. That is, if you can get by the appearance of their human-like teeth!

Mangrove Snapper

One of the few snappers that can be consistently found inshore, it has a nice light, flaky flesh.

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Shark Fishing on the Boca Coast

If you are going to be visiting the areas of Fort Myers or Cape Coral on the Boca Coast in Florida, you should know that this is the ultimate location for fly fishing for small sharks. Many people love to seek out these toothy predators as a way to take an otherwise...

Boating Safety: Rules of the Road

As we are traveling around the local waterways here on the Boca Coast, we have become concerned that not every boat operator is familiar with the maritime rules of boating. Lets look over some of those rules and see what exactly they mean. Know your navigation rules...

Best Bait for Tarpon on the Boca Coast

Tarpon is a type of fish that come to mind when you think of fishing in Florida. It is a sports fish that has the ability to jump several feet out of the water. Tarpon is also referred to as Sabalo, Silver Sides, or Silver King. The fish is not eaten because its flesh...

Fishing for Snook on the Boca Coast

Lineside, ravillia, robalo are all terms used to refer to the snook. These fish inhabit the entire southern coast of Florida and have grown to be a favorite among people who engage in fishing as a sport. The most important reason for this is the snook’s...

Fishing for Redfish on the Boca Coast

Introduction There are different types of redfish namely red drum, channel bass, spot tail bass, and bass. These kinds of fish are characterized by their white undersides and spots on the tailed fin. They do not have any chin barbels that distinguishes them from the...